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Succession planning – Wills

This is the english translation of the first article of the series that was published in Lok Satta on 10th September 2018. When one speaks about wills, the first reaction is of fear and the question that is invariably asked “Is everything fine?”. But why so? This is on account […]

Women and Personal Finance

Padma was 45 years old, happily married with a 17 year old daughter who was to soon go to college. Her husband, a racing enthusiast suddenly met with an accident. It threw her life totally out of gear! She had quit her job long back to take care of their […]

Importance of writing a Will

The only thing predictable about life is that it is unpredictable! We all know this but how much and what do we do to be prepared for it? Since the future is unknown and somehow as human beings we have a tendency to put away or stay away from the […]